Image - Two People Browsing for Books

Title: “Bargain Book Browsing”
Dimensions: 6″x6″
Medium: Oil
Price: $125

Location: London, England – River Thames – Waterloo Bridge

As you may have guessed we did quite a bit of walking around on our trip. It is pure pleasure when we stumble upon something that takes us by surprise. I suppose anywhere you live, your surroundings become commonplace and things are often overlooked or taken for granted. For my eyes, almost everything was new, fresh and interesting.

On our way to the Tate Modern we walked along the Thames and under several Bridges. Under the Waterloo Bridge there was a makeshift open air used bookstore of sorts. As you can see the brisk weather did not stop them from setting up or people from browsing. I loved this little spot – the way the light was coming in under the bridge, showing off the page ends of each book and peoples faces. The area seemed to be teaming with creative sorts. Adjacent was a little coffe shop/cafe called the Film Cafe’ and nearby was the National Film Theater which always had something going on.

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