Best Friends Forever


Title: “BFF”

Dimensions: 12″x12″x1.5″

Medium: Oil on Panel with painted sides

Please send me an email if you are interested in this painting.

BFF – Best Friends Forever
I feel very fortunate because it seems like every time I make a major geographical move, I’m able to make friends with someone I consider to be a very close or best friend. These are relationships that are cultivated over time and it’s hard to put into words just what they mean, but I know they are more precious than anything I own.

I have a long time friend from Connecticut – Carolyn. Over the years I lost track of how to get in touch with her. I moved to another part of the country but thought about her often. With the help of the internet I was able to contact one of her brothers, and finally we connected. The astounding thing about it was; although almost 20 years had passed since we last talked ….it was just like picking up right where we left off. Since then, we’ve had many wonderful conversations, emails and letters.

Rene from Chicago and Carol from North Carolina are also two dear friends who recently put into motion businesses they have been cultivating.

Rene who is passionate about cooking just started a business called Learn, Cook, Eat. She has witty sense of humor and has been teaching professionally for a number of years. Now she is combining that with her passion for food by teaching public and private cooking classes concentrated on how to use tools and equipment you already own to create great recipes and have fun in the process.

Carol just launched an online business called Girlfriends Rock! She put together whimsical designs that are available on a multitude of products including t-shirts, bags, note cards etc.

Well usually I don’t get all that personal in my blog postings, let alone mention friends names, but I guess this little painting caused me to pause and examine how fortunate I’ve been with regards to having such dear friends.

One thing is for sure, as time passes, contact with your friends may wax and wane but a good friend is only a phone call away.

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