Morning Blues


Title: “Blue Morning”
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 12″x12″x2″

You may be wondering why I paint a seemingly frivolous subject matter such as a lollipop one day, followed by what appears to be a darker deeper emotional work the next. The range crosses a spectrum as vast as the Grand Canyon.

I guess it’s because I tend to paint what ever inspires me, and that inspiration goes far and wide.

My life experiences reflect back in my work, and my life is far from being singular.

In my lollipop paintings, it’s not so much an image of a lollipop as it is a recollection of a childhood memory. If you connect, your senses awake with sweet flavor enveloping your mouth and nose – the savoring and joy a simple lollipop brings.

In Blue Morning, it’s not so much an image of a woman holding her head, as it is of a recollection of a point in someone’s life. It’s up to you to determine why she has her hand over her head. Is the sun to bright? Possibly. Did she have a rough evening the night before? Does she have a migraine now? What is her relationship to the woman in front of her? Has she recalled a painful memory? Is her heart empty? Has she suffered a recent loss?

Whatever you choose, you’ll likely base it on some of the multi-faceted life experiences which have shaped you.

I’m sorry, this painting is already sold, however I may have something else you may be interested in. Please contact me.