Title: “Dandelion #1”
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 5″x5″

Yes; even a weed can be interesting. Where I grew up there were dandelions, but not like the ones where I live now. They used to be shorter and plumper. When you picked them a milky white substance would appear around the stem. You could eat the young leaves, and they would mature to a soft puffy symmetrical head with a white center. The ones now on the side of the road are long and lean, with scrappy small leaves. The pom pom (for lack of a better word) is much more interesting. The gray fluff is wilder, some pieces are matted together as if a wet animal tromped through the field disturbing there peacefulness. They also have hairs of red/gold that poke out and bend in multiple directions.

This painting is sold