Glorious Sun

Artist: LC Neill
Title: “Glorious Sun”
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 48″x60″

Original: Available please contact me for more information.

I love the lake! It’s so special to be out there with friends. The evening I took reference pictures for this painting we were with John, Cindy, Stella and Marley. I happened to forget my point and shoot camera, but I had my phone with me so I took a few shots. With the motion of the boat and my little phone; at best, I was hoping for a blurry image that may have shown general shapes and colors….my expectations were very low. The photos were good enough to use, but the amazing thing about the new phone is (drum roll), it has location services on it – which means it knows exactly where I was when the reference photos were taken. I’m a bit of a “Techie” (that’s just a pleasant way to say “Geek”) and get a thrill from little things like this, so I thought maybe you would also be interested in where I was! Click here to see a google map.

If you would like to to zoom into the details of this painting and see brushstrokes and texture, Please send me an email.