Barbs Mug

Artist: LC Neill
Title: “Handcrafted Mug”
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 6″x6″
Ceramic Artist: Barbara Ballesty

There’s usually a story behind every creation, and this one was inspired from a friend of mine – Barbara Ballesty. She is a fantastic ceramicist and this is one of her creations. Her studio is on Artist Alley in Blowing Rock, North Carolina….charming little town if you have a chance to visit.

Barb hand crafts a variety of functional ware including creamers and sugars, honey pots, doggie biscuit jars, as well as mugs. These mugs were of my favorites as the glaze was fantastic, it reminded me of the blue ridge mountains with a little fog rolling in at night.

A couple of times a year Artist Alley opens their studios to the public.  It’s a small street so they encourage you to park your car and stroll from studio to studio.  There you will find resident and visiting painters, ceramic artists, glass blowers, sculptors and more.  You will be delighted to to meet the artists/hosts while you  sip on refreshments, and enjoy the spectacular views.

I’ll make a post before the next open studio, but in the meantime, if you are in Blowing Rock, you can find Barbs mugs at the Blowing Rock Market in town.

This painting is sold, but if you would like to know more about anything in this post, please send me an email.