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LC Neill Artist Bio


I grew up in Connecticut and have been creating art since I could hold a crayon.  As early as age five, I remember going door to door selling drawings to neighbors.  I was fortunate to have an excellent array of creative classes to attend during my high school years.  Upon graduation, I placed my art aspirations on hold to pursue a business career.  Finally, after a twenty year hiatus from art, I am delighted to be pursuing my artistic dreams in earnest.  


I have a studio and residence on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC with my husband Brian; who is also an artist.  I make it a priority to create every day.  


The lake is a constant source of inspiration.  I wake up very early to catch the sun as it rises over our cove.  There is nothing more peaceful or moving than to be on the lake watching the sun rise.  In minutes, the sky changes from the deepest dark blue to brilliant reds and oranges. Clouds form irregular shapes and are highlighted by glints of sunlight.  Every color of the rainbow is present and is reflected beautifully in the lake.  Being near water recharges my soul.    


Creating art is an ongoing personal challenge.  A flat, blank, white canvas is transformed into an image that has dimension, life, emotion and meaning.  My distinct style of rich color and texture creats patterns and alternative perspectives. Subject matter is everywhere; people, places and things I view through artist eyes.


Once a year I open my studio to the public so that art appreciators may get a “behind the scenes” peek at my process and be the first to view new works.  In 2014 it is October 24, 25, 26.


My art is in collections in the United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Canada and throughout the United States. I have been featured in several art publications and exhibited in local, national and international shows.