Iron Chef


Title: “Iron Chef”
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 12″x12″x1.5″

I love to watch a chef prepare food. They are always so intense, and completely focused on the tasks at hand. Not only when they are cooking but also when they are plating. It’s as if they concentrate so much on the plate and how things are placed, they could sear a hole clear through it with their eyes. If there is an open kitchen, I always look in to see what’s going on. So much energy and organized chaos. After watching Iron Chef on TV I mentioned to my husband – I wonder how my paintings would turn out if I painted with that much energy. I’ll have to try it sometime!

We had an opportunity to attend a local Iron Chef competition, and they allowed me to take some pictures of the process. All in all there were about 8-10 chefs in the kitchen, divided into two teams. They prepared and plated we walked from one kitchen set up to the other. It was great fun we tasted, and rated!

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