Raspberry Twist

Artist: LC Neill
Title: “Raspberry Twist”
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 6″x6″

I’m sorry this painting is already sold.

I mentioned in an earlier post I would let you know how I performed without the use of steroids just for comparison purposes.  If you want some background for this post catch-up by reading Love and Steroids and  Art on  Steroids.

My ten day period actually ended on April 22rd, but I took the weekend off from art and posting.  So you are getting the update now.

How many paintings did I get done on steroids vs. off steroids?

On Steroids:

  • Completed 2 paintings
  • 90 percent completed 4 more

Off Steroids:

  • Completed 2 paintings
  • 90 percent completed on 5 more
  • 50 percent completed on 2 more

Slightly more productive off!  Yes, but one thing that became apparent during my non-scientific test was….maybe I should have made it a “substance free” test instead of just drug free.  Yeah, I’m talking about the wine and beer.  Somewhere during that 10 day period I lost a couple of days.  Not the black out, woke up somewhere strange and didn’t know how I got there, kind of lost, but the kind you have when you are just not up to par.   Perhaps it had something to do with the concert I went to during the week, or maybe it’s the wine friendly and socially active community to which I belong?  In either case, I feel a new personal challenge culminating.   It’s almost gelled…

Here it is: I think I’ll try a 10 day stint with no or very little alcohol – that is no drinks during the week and a maximum of two glasses of beer or wine per weekend evening meal.  I was going to say one glass, but if hubby and I open a bottle, we really should finish it, so I’ve made it max two.  Then let’s see if it has an impact on my productivity.  My guess is; it will be positive.  I’ll let you know in about 10 days – around May 8th!