Scissors and Thread

Title: “Silver and Gold”
Dimensions: 6″x6″
Medium: Oil

On occasion I sew and had these little props handy. I liked the silver and gold concept plus the contrast of the hard stainless steel with the soft flexible thread.

For me every painting is a challenge. With every blank canvas I face, there is an opportunity to gain knowledge, so I intentionally create obstacles as a learning experience. Sometimes I have an end result in mind, but I have no idea how to tackle it. Eventually I’ll figure it out, and along the way I’ll have picked up some little nuggets of information.

I’ve thought about artists that paint the same type of thing every single day, and asked myself if I would be happy doing that. For me, right now, the answer is no. I get so much more out of accomplishing something I didn’t quite know how to do. Yes, it throws me out of the comfort zone, but that is what’s fun and exciting. I am not one to settle for just being comfortable.

In the long run I trust these self-manifested challenges will make me a better artist day by day.

I hope you enjoy this one – painting very crisp thin lines of a reflective surface.

This painting is sold