Artist: LC Neill
Title: “Thunderbolt”
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 6″x6″

This painting reminds me of a roller coaster.

I remember many moons ago, my mother taking all us (six) kids plus some neighborhood kids to our local amusement park. She would take us every year, but only when they had “report card day”. That was if you had an A or a B on your report card, admission was free. With six kids my mother was pretty savvy about saving money.

As I recall there were two big roller coasters, one was the Cyclone and the other Thunderbolt. I can’t remember much about them, I just remember standing straight and raising my heels a little to see if I was tall enough to get on some of the rides. That’s something I still do today (LOL). Yes, a little vertically challenged some could say. But that’s just stature, not attitude. 🙂

Please enjoy this painting.

This painting is sold.