Title: “Today’s Exhibit”
Dimensions: 12″x12″x1.5″
Medium: Oil on Panel

I call this painting “Today’s Exhibit” but I could also sub-title it “Tribute to Cy Twombly”. The inspiration for this painting was a visit to MOMA in NYC. In the background you see a reference to a huge(?? 20′ x 15′) Cy Twombly painting. It actually looked like a gray painted canvas with a chalk scribble done all over the canvas in a rhythmic pattern.

I’ve got to admit after seeing a lot of Cy’s work in person at various museums, I’m not sure I get it. This is an artist I need to read about to get a better understanding of. Some of his other work makes me scratch my head and wonder….what the heck?? But maybe that’s the reaction he was after; after all? In addition, it’s far better to scratch your head and wonder than it is to yawn and walk away.

At 80 years old he is still creating – go Cy!

MOMA has these big deep red cubes you can sit on, or lie on as some patrons did when they were tired and needed a cushy spot to rest. This person found their own private space and was studying the floor plan for the days attack.

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It has been a long time since I last posted, part of the reason is because we were really tied up getting things finished on our house. Then our move took way more time than either of us anticipated. Now we’re in our new/old home again and it feels soooooo great to be back.

For those who are new readers of my blog, we had a fire in our house in October of 2007. No one was hurt, and the house didn’t burn to the ground, but there was a huge amount of smoke damage. After 9.5 months of reconstruction, we are back in! Is it back to the way it was? Not quite in some areas but overall we’re really happy to be cooking on our stove, eating in our kitchen and sleeping in our own bed.

I’m not fully unpacked yet, but I’ve cleared enough space in my studio to get working again, and in short order; organization will be present, and I’ll be painting up a storm just as fast as I can conceive the ideas. Oh I have a few new ideas for some videos too.

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