Tools of the Trade - II

Title: “Tools of the Trade – II”
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 6″x6″

I have a ton of little objects around my studio. I am intimate with this knowledge after unpacking for what seems to be weeks. Every paint brush, every tube of paint, every pen and pencil. There’s just a lot of “stuff”. The trick is good organizational skills, which apparently I have to force myself to do. Several years ago I was interviewing for a job and they gave me a phone interview with a psychological exam. You know the kind where they fit you into four boxes and determine if you are a good hire based on “known” performers of that position. It was a bit nerve wracking at first, but I’ve done several of them since and I love to see the results and match them up against my own perception. One of the tests came back and said I had terrible organizational skills. I was shocked that they could determine that from a phone conversation, and never was there a direct question about my organizational capabilities – but they were dead on. They wanted to hire me anyway so I guess it wasn’t a deal breaker. Ever since then I’ve been acutely aware of my apparent weakness and compensate by making a direct effort to be organized.

While I was organizing my minutia, I found something intriguing, and this was it: A small container of medium (my own special recipe – ha ha) and a paint brush, balanced in an unnatural way. I thought it made an interesting and dramatic composition.

This painting is sold but if you are interested in something similar please let me know by sending me an email.