Image - Tomato

Title: “Touring the Tate Modern”
Dimensions: 6″x6″
Medium: Oil

This begins a series of paintings I will complete on my recent trip to London and Paris. We visited several museums and of course did a lot of walking. The very first museum we visited was the Tate Modern. It was spectacular! A huge power plant that was converted to a modern art museum. The ceilings were to the sky (just about) and gigantic rooms filled with contemporary from today and the not so distant past. The art represented international artists from about 1900. This painting is of a woman briskly walking through the museum to get to another location. In front of the window is an Alberto Giacometti sculpture. What intereseted me about this painting are the backlight subjects providing an outline of two very different figures that happen to be in congruence with each other.

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This painting is sold.